Recommending books based on K-pop songs (or maybe vice versa)

Welcome to me screaming about two of my most favourite things in the world!

It is after I change my blog’s name that I finally decide to talk about music here. Love that for me.

K-pop is something I’ve loved dearly for almost two years at this point. From initially getting into it after listening to BTS’ Boy With Luv in 2019 to listening to countless K-pop artists every single day, the music genre has inevitably become a huge part of my life. The thing about K-pop that I love is the overall relatable and catchy music and the wonderful storytelling through both music videos and lyrics which truly makes them different from other mainstream artists.

I started reading diversely in mid-2020 and have fallen in love with it ever since. Though I’ve been reading ever since I can remember, diverse books have had a huge impact on me because seeing myself and people from all around the world being represented in literature gives me nothing but joy.

So today I am going to mixing both these things and recommending some books based on K-pop songs (or I may be indirectly brainwashing you all to listen to K-pop, no one will ever know 😎)

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Some Of My 2021 Anticipated Releases (feat. Asian Books and Pretty Covers)

Hello there! So 2021 is around the corner which means 1)This year is FINALLY over and 2)More books are gonna release! Not to mention that this little headspace of mine is turning one soon πŸ₯Ί

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I don’t stop screaming about certain books I like (take We Are Not Free as an example) for a LONG time or until everyone I know has read it. So in today’s post i’ll be going over 15 books I potentially won’t stop screaming about.

So without further ado let’s get into the post because this list is long and only the 1/4 of the books I want to/will want to read, releasing next year because TBR>Life expectancy. Again most of these are books by Asian authors and all of them are by BIPOC so don’t forget to hype up the authors after reading this post!

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