Hello there!

I’m Prutha (she/her), a tired high school student from India, who loves diverse books and kpop! Apart from reading, I enjoy screaming about my favourite kpop bands to everyone and anyone and learning languages!
On my blog you will find ramblings on books, occasionally on kpop and sometimes about writing in general!

Quick Facts


  • I’m Indian and I’ve been living in the subcontinent for my whole life.
  • I avidly read Young Adult books but I occasionally read Middle Grade and Adult books too!
  • I love reading diversely and my favourite books are The Poppy War Trilogy, Counting Down With You by Tashie Bhuiyan, We Are Not Free by Traci Chee, Starfish by Akemi Dawn Bowman and She Who Became The Sun by Shelley Parker-Chan to name a few.
  • I’ve always loved to write and write in my free time!
  • If you like kpop, we are automatically best friends. My favourite artists are BTS, Mamamoo, Enhypen, Twice, Tomorrow X Together and IU!
  • I love learning languages too! I can speak English, Hindi, Marathi and Telugu fluently and am currently learning Korean, Japanese, Spanish and Mandarin.
  • I am a high school student and my favourite class is Biology!
  • I’m your typical introvert who loves to eat, sleep and make bad jokes.

About My Blog


  • On my blog, you can find book reviews, random ramblings and discussions, screaming about kpop, book lists and more! I occasionally also talk about writing and languages.
  • I mainly focus on diverse YA books, generally fantasy and historical fiction as that is usually what I prefer to read.
  • I started blogging in early January of 2020 and have been loving the experience and my interactions with the community ever since!
  • I am open to working with authors and publishers! Please head over to my contact or book review policy for that!

Where To Find Me