April 2021 Wrap-up// History indeed moves in vicious circles

I’m back to quarantine and online school!

India is being hit with covid’s second wave, harder than last year and well, nothing much is being done to stop it! I went back to online school and this time, it’s much better than last year.

Other than all the negativity going on around, I read so many amazing books and music kept me entertained all month long!

If you are able to, please take some time to check out this document and consider donating to help India recover from the pandemic. Any amount, as less as $10 could be of huge help to the people in need!


  • You’ve Reached Sam Dustin Thao // This was such an amazing book that gave me so many feelstm. Just tears and sobs. ★★★★☆
  • Legendborn Tracy Deonn // This was the April BOTM for the Moonchild Lexicons discord server and was a great read. I had some issues with the pacing and info dumps but overall an amazing debut! ★★★★☆
  • The Weight Of Our Sky Hanna Alkaf // I re-read this as a webtoon and I can say officially say that it is one of my all-time favourites! ★★★★★ [reread]
  • Fifteen Hundred Miles from the Sun Jonny Garza Villa // As I already said, this THE standard for gay books. ★★★★☆
  • Off The Record Camryn Garrett // I absolutely loved Camryn’s previous book, Full Disclosure, so I was super excited when I got to read Off The Record early. It definitely didn’t disappoint. RTC ★★★★☆
  • Picture us in the Light Kelly Loy Gilbert // I heard nothing but praise for Picture us in the Light so I had high hopes for this one. I read it via Audiobook and would definitely re-read it as a physical copy because of the kinda slow and confusing plot but overall it was a brilliant book! ★★★★☆
  • The Mountains Sing Nguyễn Phan Quế Mai // Read this one with Subtle Asian Book Club and found a new favourite! Everything was so raw, emotional and beautifully written. ★★★★☆


BTS- Film Out

The ~vibes~ this song gives is unreal. (Also Bighit HYBE I see you with the BU references 👀)

Rosé- Gone

Gone is definitely my favourite from Rosé’s album!

Wendy- Like Water

Wendy’s solo debut was so good! Super happy she’s finally back.

Wheein- water color

Head empty only Wheein and Water Color on repeat.

ENHYPEN- Drunk-Dazed

Why is the song and the MV so addicting help.

ITZY- In The Morning

ITZY doing a girl crush concept wasn’t something I knew I needed until this.

eAeon (feat.RM)- Don’t

The lyrism is top notch in this one.

Post from the blogosphere

I sadly (again) had not much time to read blog posts this month but I’m hoping to catch up this month!

What else happened this month?

A lot. As I earlier said, I’m back to online school after two-ish months of going to in-person school and this time it’s honestly not as boring as it was last year. It might be because of the teachers or just that I’m paying more attention but I’m not complaining. Funny story, we literally had to protest to have online lectures back because our school literally didn’t care. Some rumors came up of a few kids having corona (which were, of course, true) so my friends and I decided to not go to school for a whole week and literally told everyone else to not do the same. Well, it worked!

Strong Girl Bong-soon - Wikipedia

I watched Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. It was a super amazing drama!

I got into TWO street teams for two of my most anticipated releases, Sisters of the Snake and How We Fall Apart! I literally couldn’t believe my eyes but I’m so grateful!

Some updates about the Moonchild Lexicons Discord server– We’re going to be reading I Love You So Mochi by Sarah Kuhn and be watching A Love So Beautiful together every Saturday at 8:30 PM GMT+5:30 (We’ve already watched two episodes so please make sure you catch up if you’re interested in joining!)

Goals check-in

  • Read 4 books (at least 2 ARCS) ✔
  • Continue studying ✔
  • Prepare for tests and get good grades ✔ (exams are postponed but still lmao)
  • Exercise daily ❌
  • Finish short story ❌
  • Languages!! ❌
  • Kindly do not dehydrate in 45°C weather ✔

Goals for this month

  • Read only Asian-authored books for API heritage month
  • Get good marks
  • Languages
  • Stay hydrated

How was your April? Anything fun that happened you would like to share? Stay safe everyone!

5 thoughts on “April 2021 Wrap-up// History indeed moves in vicious circles

  1. I’ve been so out of the Kpop loop that I didn’t know so many artists (that I actually followed) came out with new music! Going to listen to them all tonight!
    Hope you have a great May <3


  2. ahh prutha! i really need to get to my ARC of you’ve reached sam! i just KNOW it’s going to completely break me, im so glad you loved it! i also loved re-reading legendborn with you! also love that we’re both part of the same street teams hehe 💞 i hope may treats you well! 💓


  3. I am glad you are staying safe! Here for you if you ever want to talk. Also, You’ve Reached Sam sounds AMAZING and I know everyone who I follow has loved it, so I’m very excited for when it will come out.

    Also, I Love You So Mochi is so cute from what I remember!!


  4. Amazing wrap-up! 💕
    I know, the situation in India is terrible! And it’s so sad that so many people are taking it lightly and don’t even care! It took my school so much convincing to cancel our final exams!
    And I’m so excited for You’ve Reached Sam to come out! I’ve been hearing so many good things about it!!


  5. Thank you so much for all your posts this month, Prutha! Especially the ARCs one. I am just starting out as a book blogger, so that post was a huge assistance. 💖
    I was way too behind in my reading goals this month, but I’m hoping to catch on the pile of eGalleys (courtesy of you know who 😉) in May as much as possible.


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