January 2021 wrap-up//All I did was study and binge K-dramas

Why did I think that 2021 was going to be any better than 2020?

At this point I am bored and fed up of everything because even the smallest thing I do feels like a chore. I also have my finals coming up next month so I will be on a hiatus for most of the month and post only what needs to be posted.

Our school thinks it is a great idea to ask the students to come to school to write the exams during a pandemic, ultimately risking everyone’s health so let us see how it goes.

All that apart, January was basically me binging K-dramas and studying for most of the day + some pretty great books!

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  • Black lives matter resources
  • Typhoon victims donation drive
  • Learn what’s happening in India
  • Help the farmers in India
  • Junk terror bill
  • Help Lebanon
  • End SARS
  • Free Palestine
  • Stand with Hong Kong
  • Yemen crisis
  • Sign petitions for death row penalty victims
  • Other issues in the world
  • Reading

    • The Burning God R.F Kuang // SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME I AM NOT OKAY AFTER THIS. This was a very painful and brilliant conclusion to the whole trilogy and I don’t think I am functioning after this. [★★★★★]
    • Rea and the Blood of the Nectar Payal Doshi // After The Burning God, reading a middle grade fantasy that hit close to home was the best thing to do for my sanity. This book was definitely an amazing #ownvoices fantasy that cherished Indian culture and I recommend pre-ordering it! [★★★★☆]
    • Rise of the Red Hand Olivia Chadha // This was one of my most anticipated releases of January but sadly it wasn’t what I expected it to be. Everything but the representation sucked. The pacing was way too slow for my liking and the world-building was basically info dump. [★★☆☆☆]
    • The Wall Gautam Bhatia // One of the first SFF books that have been published in India which was actually something new and unique. Really enjoyed this! [★★★★☆]
    • True Beauty Yaongyi // This webtoon is so trashy and cringey but I love it so much! Also the K-drama adaptation is literally perfect. [★★★★☆]
    • The Gilded Ones Namina Forna // Another one of my anticipated releases that I got to read early! This one did not disappoint and was super unique. My review will be up on 10th February so keep an eye out for that! [★★★★☆]


    (G)-Idle : HWAA

    Not gonna lie, this might be my favourite song from (G)-Idle so far! Everything from the concept to the music video is top notch.

    IU : Celebrity

    LOOK AT THE QUEEN GO! This song has literally been on repeat 24/7. (also her little dance moves 🥺🥺)

    Favourite Posts From Others

    What I Posted This Month

    What else happened this month?

    • I binged True Beauty and most of Hotel Del Luna! Both of these were super fun! I am not the kind of person to binge K-dramas but these were way too addicting.
    • I went on a family road trip to my grandparents’ house! It was super fun finally being out on the road and meeting my grandparents after a whole year.
    • I got BTS photocards 🥺 I am literally screaming at how beautiful these are but I don’t know where or how to display them. If any fellow kpop fans who have photocards are reading, please let me know!
    Excuse the bad quality of the picture
    • I studied! A Lot! My finals are coming up and I am stressed and nervous than ever before because online school hasn’t helped me learn much 😣
    • I got approved for ARCS of two of my most anticipated after emailing publishers for the first time! (if you are wondering which books they are, they are She Who Became The Sun by Shelly Parker-Chan and The Chosen And The Beautiful by Nghi Vo!)
    • I kind of think I know what my WIP is going to be about! Will definitely do a post dedicated to it once I am sure about the plot!
    • TXT on Indian television! Kpop artists are getting loads of recognition in India and I’m here for it!

    Goals Check In

    1. Pay attention in classes and make use of notion ✔
    2. Languages 🤡 (I didn’t do much of any language I’m learning, this month)
    3. Read atleast 5 books ✔
    4. Please post regularly ✔
    5. Start revising for exams ✔
    6. Workout frequently ✔ (Kinda proud of this achievement ngl 🤭)
    7. Drink water mate ❌
    8. Keep up with the reader ❌

    Goals For This Month

    2. Get all A+ in finals please
    3. Stay hydrated
    4. Read 2 books
    5. Take care of mental health
    6. Don’t catch covid when I inevitably have to go to school

    How did your January go? What did you read? Any favourite releases? Let us chat in the comments!

    22 thoughts on “January 2021 wrap-up//All I did was study and binge K-dramas

    1. Ooh I agree, Rise of the Red Hand was so unexpectedly disappointing that I DNFed it. I also left odd The Wall because the worldbuilding was too much for me and somehow I was still lost. And omg I’m eagerly awaiting for my copy of The Gilded Ones to arrive! All the very best for your exams <3
      And thank you for including my post :)

      Liked by 2 people

      1. it was indeed disappointing! i’m sorry you didn’t enjoy the wall :( the gilded ones is amazing and i hope you love it as much as i did! thank you! the exams went well 🥰 it was my pleasure including your post ☺

        Liked by 2 people

    2. ahh i’m so late to this post 😭😭 but i’m so sorry that january wasn’t the best for you – i hope your exams are going/went well!! 💖 i’m glad to see you enjoyed rea and the blood of the nectar, i can’t wait to pick it up! and celebrity is so good 🥺thank you for sharing my post, and i hope your february has been amazing!! 🥰

      Liked by 2 people

      1. omg i am always late to replying to comments too but thank you for reading!! the exams went pretty well! hope you enjoy rea and the blood of the nectar! and yes IU never fails to exceed my expectations! it was my pleasure sharing your post and i hope you had a great february 🤗

        Liked by 2 people

    3. awww i’m sorry to hear that January wasn’t a great month for you, Prutha 🥺 i feel like that’s a really common sentiment i’ve seen in a lot of other bloggers’ January wrap-ups as well :’) my January was also full of schoolwork (and then procrastinating on it by reading) lmao, i am so tired of school :’) i’m happy to hear that you read a lot of great books in January though!! 🤩 i was able to read a lot in January (7 books) bc reading is one of my only sources of serotonin these days haha. i can’t wait to read The Poppy War and join y’all in your pain 👀 good luck with your exams and i hope you stay safe ahh, that’s so frustrating that you have to take them in-person 😭 wishing you the best for February and i hope you read a lot of wonderful books this month as well!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. i’m sorry school is rough for you too! but hey, a good book makes everything better 👀 i cannot wait for you to join us in the poppy war pain train because that series is really something 😌 thank you! the exams went pretty well! hope you had a great february 💝

        Liked by 1 person

    4. so sorry you didn’t like rise of the red hand — i’ve heard some disappointing things about it recently too so i think i’ll end up taking it off my tbr 😭 but i am so happy to hear you were finally able to join us in the tbg pain!!! it’s great, i love it here so much!!! and congrats on getting approved for your arcs, that first time is always so magical haha. i hope you like the chosen and the beautiful more than i do because i’m still reading it after like 3 weeks 😭 have a great february!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. the overall idea of rise of the red hand was amazing but its execution wasn’t the best 😔 at this point the poppy war trilogy lives in my mind rent free 24/7 (because of your recommendation,,,) and i honestly love the pain 😎 omg yes i was so excited when i got the email 😭😭 thank you and hope you had a great february too!

        Liked by 2 people

    5. I’m sorry school is being so stressful and horrible. I hope you stay safe and I wish you all the best with your exams.
      I’m so glad you found the burning god to be such a good finale, I hope I am able to get to it this year. I’m so happy to see you enjoyed The Gilded Ones as well, I am hoping to read it soon.
      ahhh.. She Who Became The Sun sounds so great. I hope you enjoy it !!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. thank you! exams went pretty good & school is going great too! hope you enjoy both burning god and the gilded ones! she who became the sun was AMAZING too <3

        Liked by 2 people

    6. ah noo i’m sorry this month wasn’t a good one for you 🥺 rea and the blood of the nectar sounds like a good mg book to read (i honestly don’t remember the last time i read an mg book?)!! and i’m sorry you didn’t enjoy rise of the red hand! also i loved buddy reading tbg with you (another buddy read soon,,, perhaps? 😏)! also i agree, ‘hwaa’ is a god tier song !! 💞 thank you for mentioning my post, i’m so glad you loved it <3

      Liked by 2 people

      1. rea and the blood of the nectar was literally SO CUTE! i highly recommend it (i think it is on “to-read” on netgalley so 👀) rise of the red hand was indeed very disappointing :(( YES I AM DOWN FOR BUDDY READS ANYTIME EVERYTIME 😎 tbh (g)-idle never disappoints! i loved your post and it was my pleasure including it! <3

        Liked by 2 people

    7. Oh Prutha sorry it sounds dismal but your post is so uplifting and I’m shocked you got that much reading in and did such good reviews too! Hang in there and so glad you got some time with your grandparents. Take good care and good luck on your studies!!!!💖

      Liked by 2 people

    8. ahh our school was supposed to start in february for middle school and january for high school, but it’s gotten delayed for a few months now!! skdjdsfkj GOOD LUCK FOW YOUR FINALS!! i also requested the chosen and the beautiful, and if i get accepted, i can’t wait to buddy read it with you!! i got an ARC of the gilded ones, and i’m planning to read it this week, so i’m very glad that you enjoyed it!! and AHH I NEED TO READ THE POPPY WAR TRILOGY!! hopefully i’ll be able to order copies next month!! i loved reading this wrap-up!! 💖💖

      Liked by 2 people

      1. thank you!! they went well! <33 the gilded ones was amazing! YES POPPY WAR TRILOGY IS SO GOOD!!! hope you love it too whenever you get around to reading it! 💖

        Liked by 2 people

    9. Oh no, I hope schools are staying safe and that you can give your exams safely. Good luck! I absolutely agree, Rise of the Red Hand was one of my most anticipated releases and damn it did not live up at all, I ended up dnfing it. And omg I am just about to start reading The Wall as a buddy read with a friend. I was a bit anxious since apparently it has a 36 page long prologue but I’m glad to hear you liked it :)
      Thank you so much for including my post, makes me really happy that you liked it <3

      Liked by 1 person

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