5 reasons to read Darius The Great is Not Okay by Adib Khorram

I’ve been having Darius The Great is Not Okay brainrot recently…

So I thought what better way to cope with it than screaming about how amazing this book is on my blog!

Darius The Great is Not Okay has been on my TBR since ages and when I finally picked it up, I went into it with high expectations after reading all the raving 5-star reviews it had and I was definitely not left disappointed one bit, in fact I was pleasantly surprised on how much I was getting attached to the story and characters.

Once I finished this one (and book 2!) it felt as if there was an empty void within me. I instantly started missing Khorram’s simple yet gripping writing, Darius and all the other characters and just the overall setting of the book. I simply wanted more.

So today I have top 5 five reasons to read Darius The Great is Not Okay to hopefully convince you to pick this one up for yourself and indulge yourself with the beauty it puts forward!

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In Conversation with Aparna Verma, the author of The Boy With Fire 

2021 is definitely the year of adult fantasies

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that after reading The Poppy War, I absolutely fell in love with adult fantasies and have been on the look out for new ones ever since. When The Boy With Fire was announced, I was sold and wanted to read it as soon as possible.

Thanks to the ARC gods, I was able to read an early copy and have been head-over-heels for this one ever since. I was blown-away by the world and the characters that I knew I had to interview the author. If you are interested in reading my thoughts on The Boy With Fire, you can find a coherent review on my Goodreads.

A huge thanks to Aparna Verma for doing this interview and without further ado, let’s get straight into it!

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The mid-year book freak out tag

What even is time?

We’re already in July and the only thing that happened this year that I remember is….trauma.

Honestly 2021 has been such a blur that all the days seem to blend together into a long endless boring day. Again. school has been taking all my braincells and I don’t have to energy to follow a posting schedule so my posts are again gonna be whenever I get the time to write!

But whatever I’ve read this year have been pretty good and I’ve found so many books to scream about, so here I am, doing the mid-year book freak out tag because I’m running out of post ideas :P

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#AmCurrently Update: Where have I been? + Newsletter Announcement

Hello Hello! I’m finally back~

It’s been almost two months since I went on an unexplained hiatus but I’m finally hoping to get back to blogging and catching up with all the lovely blog posts I missed when I was away!

I think this was the longest ever I’ve been on a hiatus in the year and half I’ve been blogging. I’ve tried at least three times to sit down and write a proper blog post but I ended up abandoning and deleting everything I wrote because I either had no energy or I thought that no one would read anything I write and it doesn’t matter because there are thousands of other similar posts. Blogging is something I genuinely enjoy but the past month and so has left me so damn tired that I ended up in a slump in almost every part of life.

So today I thought I’ll summarize everything that’s been happening and share some things I’m currently enjoying! I hope this post doesn’t end up being too boring because well, my life’s pretty boring Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

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April 2021 Wrap-up// History indeed moves in vicious circles

I’m back to quarantine and online school!

India is being hit with covid’s second wave, harder than last year and well, nothing much is being done to stop it! I went back to online school and this time, it’s much better than last year.

Other than all the negativity going on around, I read so many amazing books and music kept me entertained all month long!

If you are able to, please take some time to check out this document and consider donating to help India recover from the pandemic. Any amount, as less as $10 could be of huge help to the people in need!

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